Using Kubernetes API effectively with Golang
Vishal Biyani
3/9/18 at GopherCon India 2018
Extend Kubernetes to write custom abstractions effectively in Go language, starting with basic CRUD operations and then leading into advanced features like informers, listers watchers etc. to build robust and scalable apps. Vishal is Founder and CTO at Infracloud technologies. Vishal brings his experience as an engineer who has worked across the whole lifecycle of software development together to bring holistic view of systems and obsessive focus on reducing waste while delivering value. Vishal has worked with Fortune 500 enterprises as well as medium scale startups to bring best of technology & processes together. Vishal is currently focusing on serverless space by contributing to Fission serverless framework. When not at keyboard, Vishal can be found on flipping pages or behind bicycle pedals.


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