Upspin and a future of the Internet My vision of Rob Pike's Upspin as a basis for a decentralized I…
Gildas Chabot
2/3/18 at FOSDEM 2018 - Go Devroom
Upspin is both a protocol and a reference implementation for a global name space for network-accessible files that comes with permissions and end-to-end encryption. With simplicity at its core (the protocol is just 10 methods), it is very versatile and can be a building block for a decentralized Internet Last October, Rob Pike published the Upspin manifesto on his blog - command center. This manifesto is centered around a concept I care for: the separation of the producers and the consumers of data. I had been willing to create web services that could freely inter-operate and Upspin is a wonderful tool for that. Since then, I have been working on a collection of Upspin client and servers to prove the concept. In this talk I will present: - the basic concepts and architecture of Upspin - my implementations of Upspin client and servers (directory and storage) - my thoughts about what can be done with Upspin


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