Styling and Modularization in Vue.JS
Sean Reid (TorchCodeLab)
11/30/17 at Atlanta Vue.js Meetup
VueJS makes it easy to create a shared UI library, bringing the power and flexibility of Web Components with a low overhead and small learning curve. Leveraging the Single File Component architecture allows a developer to easily localize HTML, CSS, and JS logic to a single component. This model helps prevent many of the struggles that most developers have when dealing with global styling, component namespacing, and the dreaded “div soup.” The end result is cleaner, leaner, and more performant code, while maintaining a unified style across a variety of applications and developers. Sean Reid is a front-end developer who recently moved to the Atlanta area after working with various tech startups in Athens, GA. He is passionate about user experiences, and creating products that focus on user engagement. Over the last 10 years he’s developed applications with tools ranging from jQuery, Backbone, Angular, and most recently, VueJS. He is an instructor at The Creative Circus, where he teaches the intermediate and advanced web development courses, training students in the fundamentals of the Javascript. He currently works full time at Codesigned, building Javascript applications for the Microsoft Sharepoint platform, as well as contracting with Hearst Autos to develop their in house pattern library and style guide, using VueJS.


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