React Native: The dark side of Background tasks
Ferran Negre Pizarro
3/31/18 at React Native Camp
In this talk we are going to explore how to manage background tasks within your React Native application. Background tasks are essentially tasks that run when the app is not in the foreground. To do so, we need to first understand how background tasks work on iOS and Android because they are essentially different. With that, we can explore different examples on how to perform different tasks. For example, we will see how to play music in the background for both platforms. Moreover, I’d like to show how to fetch data in the background in a real app I wrote. For that, we will explore different libraries that are out there and some that I personally created for this purpose. I am a Spanish-born front-end engineer and mobile engineer living in Wrocław, Poland for the last 4 years. I used to work as front-end engineer at IBM till I joined Callstack, a growing startup where we specialize in building React Native applications. I am a Software Engineer specialized in building applications using React and React Native. I also have a broad experience building native Android applications. As a personal experience, I built Audio Profiles which has reached 100k downloads in the Google Play Storeand it is still growing. I am currently merging both experiences (web and mobile) to try to bring the best of both worlds to the users. In my free time I basically love building apps, contribute to the open source, write on Medium and I also make sure that developers test their code (preferably with Jest!).


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