React Native bridging into a physical world
Vladimir Novick
3/31/18 at React Native Camp
Physical world slowly becomes entwined with the web. Today more and more devices are connected to the cloud and controlled by bluetooth low energy. Since our mobile phones are capable of connecting them, more and more apps emerge, which act as controllers for such devices. Smart lightbulbs, Indoor navigation using iBeacons and Physical Web and much more. In this talk we will look into how we can create React Native apps that are capable of such things. I'm Software Architect and independent consultant, public speaker, co-organizer of ReactJS Israel, Author of "React Native - Build mobile apps with JavaScript" book and several workshops and courses. I bring years of experience in JavaScript ecosystem and is one of early React and React Native adopters. On daily basis I work in Web, Mobile, VR/AR/MR and IoT fields both for customers and on personal projects. Previously I worked in Sports, Gaming & Video industries as Lead Architect & Team Leader.


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