Pushing React Native outside the comfort zone
Raul Gomez Acuna (callstack)
3/31/18 at React Native Camp
In this talk, we’ll analyse and showcase our experience while building a Music Player using React Native. Given the player specifications, we were challenged to prove that React Native has no limits when it comes to build mobile applications, no matter how complex they are and having performance and cross-platform in mind. We’ll break down the player architecture, covering the different approaches to the problem (Declarative vs Imperative), as well as unveiling all the player elements in a top-down fashion, starting with the music service and the score visualisation and moving further along to smallest pieces such as time progress, progress bar, replay and seeking. I am not a computer science guy so to speak, but I've always been close. Having leant towards telecommunications during my university period, whenever I had some programming classes, I really had a whale of a time. Starting with Android, going through iOS and landing on JavaScript on 2015, I immediately fell in love with React. The beauty of the functional and declarative style that promotes, as well as the shiny announcement of React Native to target mobile platforms using JavaScript, only increased my passion and made me go all-in with it. From that point on, I haven't looked back and I've been building top quality cutting edge web and mobile applications, leading technically and architecturally complex React & Redux projects, mentoring coworkers, sharing knowledge in medium and stackoverflow and contributing to OSS.


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