Organisation - A Distributed Computing Network
Niranjan Paranjpe (Go-Jek)
3/9/18 at GopherCon India 2018
There are many similarities between a distributed computing network and technical organisation. This talks draws parallels between these two worlds to put org design in a new perspective. Niranjan is CTO at Go-Jek, Indonesian unicorn. He has 12 years of experience as a programmer, consultant and entrepreneur. As CTO, he is responsible for building a high performance engineering culture focused on passion for new technologies, code quality and product thinking. He started his career at Infosys, before moving to ThoughtWorks where he consulted for Fortune 500 clients. He then went on to co-found C42 Engineering, a boutique software engineering consulting firm, with Aakash and Sidu. In October 2015 C42 was acquired by Go-Jek to expand it’s engineering arm to Bangalore.


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