Make your Go go faster! Optimising performance through reducing memory allocations
Bryan Boreham
2/3/18 at FOSDEM 2018 - Go Devroom
This talk will preset a set of techniques to make your Go programs run faster. Starting with CPU profiling, moving through memory allocation profiling, to escape analysis, we will point out some less-well-known corners of the runtime, how they impact performance, and how to mitigate this impact. Often, the single biggest drain on performance in a Go program is the garbage collector. Each release of the Go runtime comes with a slightly faster collector, but you can make much bigger performance improvements by not creating garbage in the first place: if you can rework your code to make fewer heap allocations, then the garbage collector will run less often and have less work to do. Examples will be drawn from real-world experience optimising the Open Source container visualisation project Weave Cortex: https://github.com/weaveworks/cortex


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