How I learned to stop complaining and use the strengths of the language
Sean Kelly
3/9/18 at GopherCon India 2018
Embedding. It sure is weird, isn’t it? It’s unlike traditional inheritance, and it can be uncomfortable at first. But it does have a lot of positives to it that might not be obvious at first. In this talk, we’ll go over highlights and pitfalls of embedding, and some interesting ways to use it. Sean Kelly (affectionately known as Stabby) is a Lead Software Engineer and Engineering Manager for Rapid7. A simple man with a dog for an avatar, he enjoys learning new things, helping / mentoring others, and posting photos of his dog on the internet. When he's not giving talks, he enjoys spending time at home with his wife, taking his dog to the park, and coming up with new projects to work on that he will never actually finish.


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