DUTDIP - Don't Use This Dependency Injection Pattern
Rushabh Dadbhawala
3/9/18 at GopherCon India 2018
A thought experiment in designing a DI system for GoLang, bringing out subtle nuances of the language, especially when compared to traditional object oriented languages. Brings out possibilities and challenges of the language, and enlightens you on things you shouldn’t do! Rushabh is solving problems using software since 15 years. He is well grounded in Object Orientation, Design Patterns and Software Architecture. He is both domain and technology agnostic; “tightly coupled” only to source code! At Continuum, Rushabh works with multiple teams to build the new product platform. Rushabh prefers to roll up the sleeves and get hands dirty with code. He is not what one would call a "white board architect".


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