Connecting a React Front-end to an Ethereum Smart Contract
Zubair Ahmed
3/20/18 at Reactathon
San Francisco
Learn how to leverage the front-end skills you already know to connect to a smart contract and deploy to the Ethereum blockchain. We'll cover a brief introduction to Solidity, the Ethereum smart contract programming language (similar to JavaScript), and discuss the tools you need create a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. We'll also learn how to use web-based blockchain intermediaries such as Metamask. Zubair is a software engineer with Oakland Blockchain Developers and the CTO of GIVE. He specializes in Solidity, Web3.js, Remix, Truffle, IPFS, geth, and smart contract security. He also loves building the front-end of his dApps with React, and is excited to share his insight on building for Ethereum.


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