Computer Vision Using Go And OpenCV
Ron Evans
2/3/18 at FOSDEM 2018 - Go Devroom
It is easier to see what comes next for the Internet of Things (IoT) when you have eyes on the world. Computer Vision (CV) software, in particular the powerful open source OpenCV (http://opencv.org) has made big leaps in power and usability, and is ready to come into its own as a key part of an advanced IoT solution. At the same time the Go programming language aka Golang has won over fans with clean code, high-performance, and portability. But there has not been any way to unlock the most state-of-the-art CV libraries using the most state-of-the-art programming language... until now. Introducing GoCV (https://gocv.io) a new package for letting Go programmers create computer vision applications using OpenCV. In this talk I will show how to use GoCV to build the next generation of computer vision applications, with live code demonstrations.


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