Advanced Go debugging with Delve
Derek Parker (Red Hat)
2/3/18 at FOSDEM 2018 - Go Devroom
Learn how to utilize the Delve debugger to dig into and solve complex bugs in your code. Delve is a powerful yet simple open source debugger for the Go programming language. In this talk, I will discuss what makes both Go and Delve different from other languages / debuggers, and then dive into real world usage. I will begin by introducing the tool, and showing the basics of how it works. From there I will use specific example problems to show how to use some of the most powerful features of Delve to solve even the most complex bugs. I will start with a deep dive into the Go programming language. Topics of discussion will include the runtime, DWARF, scheduler, and more. From there, I will introduce Delve and discuss how it is different from other debuggers and walk through basic usage. After that I will switch over to a terminal where I will work through several pre-made bugs, highlighting certain features of Delve. The goal of this talk is to equip users with all of the knowledge and confidence they need to use Delve to effectively debug their programs. This talk will be beneficial to beginners and advanced users alike.


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