A Modern Edge Microservices Framework Built Entirely in Go
Matt Ellis
3/9/18 at GopherCon India 2018
Explore the challenges and benefits to building a microservices framework from the ground up entirely in Golang, from contribution models to dependency management, discover how we’ve successfully leveraged Go to build the lightest microservices framework designed for IoT and serverless compute. Matt Ellis has been involved in the tech industry from a very early and has held a number of roles. Early in Matt’s career he spent the majority of his time on developing 3D rendering engines in both OpenGL and Direct3D. He also authored a number of technical manuals and books on the topic. During an independent consulting opportunity in Brazil, Matt authored two additional books with a focus on RESTful services and APIs. More recently, Matt works as a Sr. Product Manager & Head of Open Source Software at TIBCO Software, Inc where he focuses on product & strategy around Open Source and more specifically, Project Flogo, an open source edge microservices framework built entirely in Go.


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